Thursday, May 24, 2012


We recently moved houses from our 7-year Pudong side of town, to one of the busiest districts in Shanghai, Xujiahui. This meant we needed to look for a new school for the twins, and decided that for the month left of school we could skip it - losing one month of plasticine, and paper cutting is not likely to influence their curricula much...

Therefore these days I am playing with them in a more educational way: drawing, and learning to add and subtract. This latter seems to be grabbing their attention, as long as we do it as a game, and I allow them to use their fingers to do the maths.

Some pictures of their home education:

 Nico "writing"
 He likes to do as I do, so he developed a technique. It really looks as if he is writing stuff.
 This is what he wrote :) If you ask him about the meaning, he even reads it out loud!
 Julito is more about maths
 There I was teaching him how to properly write 1 + 2. He nails it.
And this is the final pose for posterity. Two respectful scholars.

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