Friday, May 28, 2010

More about iTunes...

Let's follow the discussion about iTunes, to see if I simply don't get it or it is simply that useless.

So I choose one album to play, I put the cursor over it and click on "Play Album".

Now, I want to place another album on the waiting list. Such a simple operation on any other player, what should I do on iTunes? I don't want to create any playlist (my preferences and choices are ad hoc - never play the same order twice) I just want to play some record by for example the early Stevie Wonder on chronological order, except that one with Xmas songs. And as for the iTunes DJ, I don't want anything to do with it (where does it get the songs order from?)

Please anybody enlighten me, I can't believe that such a praised software as iTunes doesn't have this simple function...

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