Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Job - New Industry

It's been a while, but as most of you know, the access to open opinion websites in China has been severely limited lately, with the result of the most popular Western social websites being blocked: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, FlickR and my blog :) among others...

But taking advantage of my trip to San Francisco, for the Intersolar US trade show, I can update it a little... However it's 3am, I can't sleep due to the 15 hour time difference, and wouldn't want to start the trade show tomorrow with no sleep at all, therefore this won't be long. First I would like to give a brief update on the "recent" events since my last real post, in April...

Realizing that it was going to be almost impossible to find a decent job before summer, I laid back and decided to enjoy this time, but of course I couldn''t refuse any opportunity to earn some bucks. It seems that either my "agent" liked me, or that I was one of the very few laowais available for a full 15 hour shooting session on a weekday. So I had a series of four more shootings in a row (it became so dull that I didn't even ask for them to write down the title of the flicks -most of them were TV series productions). I have some good pics of it on Facebook: click on each picture to access the album)

I already have 4 or 5 movies / TV productions and 3 commercials on my CV - Should I list this together with my MBA?

At the same time, I was applying to positions that really appealed to me, as opposed to anything that came up as I used to do before. This way, I filter out most of the offers, and only sent my candidature to job offers in senior Marketing and management positions in "positive industries", such as renewable energy, the UN (in Nairobi!), or the WHO (in Manila).

The renewable energy ones were the most attractive, since the industry is really having a bright future, and there was this one position for a leading Chinese solar panal manufacturer, that when it came to take the interview, it happened to have its offices less than 20 minutes walking from home! This, in Shanghai distances, is like next block in Spanish, so to understand the importance of the fact. Also taking into account that I live in a residential area, with very few office buildings around, the chances were really small. Anyway I took the first interview with the Secretary of the Board, a very pretty girl, also MBA, with whom I connected right away - it is always to be interviewd by a lady :). I had prepared the interview quite well, thanks to my friends in the indsutry (Juan and Capi - Gracias!) and the next round would be a presentation from me to the Chairman, that I decided to do on Powerpoint.

Anyway, to put it short, I was hired :) As a Europe Sales and Marketing Manager, to develop the European market for the Photovoltaic ("PV") module market of Jinko Solar, a Chinese Solar wafer manufacturer that is vertically integrating all segments of the industry. I started on June 22th and after only three weeks I've already been sent to this fair in San Francisco, my first time ever on this other side of the Atlantic (and the Pacific!).

I will upload pictures of SF (typical Golden Gate one, etc) later in a different post... keep tuned!

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