Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More update: Family and Friends

In the meantime, the twins have grown cheekteeth, they can't stop climbimg everywhere, and they are very cute. We've taken them to the swimming pool twice - Nicolas loves it, Julio not so much-, and you can see one of the pictures here:

When people ask me who is better, I don't know what to reply; they are both very funny, maybe Nicolas is the naughtier one lately, but this changes (he used to be very quiet). Now he is the dauntless one, climbing to the highest table until he realizes that he doesn't know how to come down. He's also keen on biting his brother, poor Julio has the marks of his bro's teeth all over. And at the same time, Julito is better when it comes to meals... On the other hand Nicolas is more obedient to my attempts to educate them not to open every drawer, or entering the kitchen, and so on. But these just remain attempts for the time being...

Jenny has got her driving license at her first try (here in order to obtain the license, one must take three tests: theory, small road -streets and so on, and big road -highways) but still doesn't dare to take the car, hopefully soon. I think I didn't mention that I had the visit of a very good old friend from high school, Ignacio Gil (with his friend Mar) whom I had lost contact with almost 20 years ago! Thanks to Facebook we re-connected again, and he promptly organized a visit to SH. It was a grat time, remembering those days and updating each other on our latest events. And through him I got in touch with Valeriano Palomino and Alfonso Guerrero, toma ya!) - apart from others that I found in FB as well, like José Luis Zabala, Germán Touriño or Ana Feduchi. Great tool this Facebook (when they don't block it!). Anyway, Ignacio seemed to have a great time here, they emptied the fake market out of watches and clothes, and probably soon enough will be coming back with the others.

More later!


juan said...

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hoolioh said...

Hola Juan,

Gracias por visitar el blog :)
Aquí d la gripe no sabemos nada, lo cual no es d extrañar pues el gob. chino es bastante hermético en estos temas. De todos modos tras el SARS están muy concienciados, y en tu avión a China verás que el 80% de los chinos llevan mascarillas sanitarias, igual q cuando cogen el transporte público. Si como dices en China hay 1000 casos, es como si en España hubiera 34, o sea nada de lo que preocuparse... Pero vamos, q aquí no hay alarma por el momento y las medidas son extremadamente rígidas (si vas a viajar con fiebre, abstente).

juan said...

gracias por tu respuesta....yo suelo visitar la agencia china xinhuanet de noticias que esta en español..no sé si me puedes decir otra..
De nuevo te doy las gracias por tu respuesta y darme tranquilidad..