Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy week

This weekend I had little time to relax after a busy week, with institutional visits, Chamber of Commerce meetings and appointment with the Spanish consul among other duties. Weekends are ment to be spent with the family, and so even though the weather wasn't nice we drove to the Shanghai Kid Expo, an event mainly targeted at Expat families, where international schools, hospitals, sport centers and so on had activities in their stands for children to play.

Needless to say the twins are still too young to enjoy these kind of events, but nevertheless they played with block pieces and slides, I enjoyed seeing some farm animals, and we met three other Spanish couples on the spot. Shanghai is a big city but for us laowais it is like a small village, we always gather in the same places.

And as a souvenir of our visit to the Kid Expo, we got this picture:

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