Tuesday, September 09, 2008

High Fidelity

There's not one single day that I don't ask myself what the hell I am doing here. I find myself walking along maples and willows, by the South lake, listening to Scarlett Johansson singing Tom Waits on my mp4 (or, to be a lil less glamorous to some, Un Pingüino en mi ascensor), and wondering where it is that this adventure is leading me to. But then again, when I look around me, willows and maples with red leaves growing by this late summer, goldfish jumping out of the water in the lake, white herons catching fish, old shifus flying kytes at dawn, I find myself exactly where I imagined back then.

... and again I am not satisfied. Is it probably because no place is the perfect place, and we are always going to be missing something out of anywhere? I miss my friends, those from Shanghai and those from Spain, and the ones in Oslo, and in Rauris, and from Savonlinna... Of course I miss my family, even more with the current situation, all of us raising little kids and again I wonder why am I down here in the other end of the world. I miss my house in plaza Mayor, and the food, and the vespas... In Shanghai, let's face it, there was little time left for thinking about the old times: darts, bars, parties, texas hold'em, projects... But here, despite the twins, I have time to think, and to miss my people. We'll be going back to Spain in one week, for 20 days' holidays, but it won't be it. It will most probably be a torture that will leave us both wishing that we were back in Ma'anshan sooner. But hey! isn't that the whole point? The circle closes, and we start again :)

Update: This weekend is the Mid Autumn Festival, monday's off. Nicolas already has two teeth, and Julito has one coming. And he says Papa already :) (however I doubt that he says it referring to me).

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