Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stuck in Shanghai

Sorry for my absence these last weeks, but with the two babies at home, my life has definetely changed! Apart from the fact that my free time has been dramatically reduced, using it to do other stuff rather than cuddling and taking care of the twins seems ridiculous to me. Right now, while I am writing this post I keep thinking to myself: why am I not enjoying the kids right now?

Anyway, we've been stuck in Shanghai for two days already, because of the heavy snow that keeps on falling for three days non-stop. Trains leaving from Shanghai have been cancelled (the army was blocking the entrance to the Shanghai Railway Station yesterday morning!), flights are also being cancelled... It'd seem science fiction if I told you that I could ski from my door to the fake market, wouldn't it? Believe me, today it would be possible. I have a partner from Bilbao visiting me these days to visit factories, and we cannot go to Wuxi because there is no way, and let's only hope that his flight can leave tomorrow. If the weather keeps this way, later I will try to go somewhere nice to take pictures, with my parents that are here visiting their grandchildren, and for the last week have done nothing but this (due to the weather).

I'll try to keep informing, as long as the snow doesn't affect the internet connections...

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