Monday, December 24, 2007

Nochebuena (Xmas Eve)

I need to apologize for this absolute lack of posts in the blog recently. Many of you know that the last months have been pretty hectic, primarily because of Jenny's pregnancy but also because of the language school, the sourcing business, and the Casa de España en Shanghai (not to mention the visa issues!). I have even forgotten to send the traditional Xmas e-greetings, something that most of you will welcome since the amount of kitch powerpoints these days overloads the most seasoned email server.
Anyway, enough of apologies, and now on with the news: tomorrow, Xmas Day, will be the day that the twins will be born, if everything goes smooth as planned. Jenny is in the Pudong Maternity Hospital in Hongfeng Rd (wall to wall with CEIBS), for the past couple of weeks already, in one of the top floors luxurious suites. We know that one of the babies is a boy, and we believe that the other is a boy as well, however we're not 100% sure (in China it is forbidden to tell the sex of the babies in advance, to prevent selective abortions). The names will be... we'll better tell you once they're born.
And there are not further news. We were featured in Telemadrid's Madrileños por el Mundo MxM (Madrid people around the World), in a program that saw its length doubled apparently because of the amount of good raw material that was shot. It was awesome to know how many people actually watched this program, people I hadn't heard of for years, even decades! knew about me and found my address googleing my name. All your comments are very flattering, but I would rather watch the program myself, if the people from Telemadrid eventually send me the CD.
Merry Christmas everyone, and my best wishes for the New Year (Beijing Olympics - we'll be there!)
PS. A goodie: the website of Santa's Village in Rovaniemi, Lappish Finland, where I spent half a year deejaying (courtesy of my friend and co-adventurer in Rovaniemi, Ruth Perez Chaves): (it has a webcam sending pictures every 30 sec from the village)

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Koala Gal said...

!Muchos cuadros bonitos!

!Tengo gusto "2046" tambien!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birth of Christ!!!
I think the Love Song of St Paul in 1 Cor 13 is the best Xmas gift!!!

Chinese Love is Kind

English Love is Not Jealous

Joy to the world!