Monday, December 17, 2007

Chinese National Holidays 2008

Chinese Goverment officially announced the updated National holiday on 16th Dec as follows. Compared with the previous one, there is 1 more national holiday per year from 2008:

From 2008:
New year(1st Jan): 1 day
Labor day (1st May): 1 day
National day (1st Oct):  day
Chinese New Year: 3 days (Chinese New Year's Eve, 1st & 2nd day)
Qingming Festival (Apr 4th): 1 day (Tomb Sweeping Day)
Moon Festival (14th Sep): 1day
Duan Wu Festival (8th Jun): 1day (Dragon Boat Festival)
Total: 11 days

Before 2008:
New Year: 1 day
Labor day: 3 days
National day: 3 days
Chinese New Year: 3 days (Chinese New Year's Eve, 1st & 2nd day)
Total: 10 days

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