Sunday, September 02, 2007

Life's busy in Shanghai...

It's been a while since I last wrote an entry in English here. Sorry for all those fans who punctually follow my whereabouts, it is not that I am terribly busy, though I am sometimes, but because I am basically lazy. I started a new venture with two friends-partners (originally three, we gave partnership to a fourth, but now we're back to the original entrepreneurs), the first 100% Spanish Language Center in Shanghai, Hola Shanghai ( Starting a business is always time consuming, but we're all very excited about it, and the expectations are very high, with people already willing to invest their money in the company.

I had the idea of starting a live blog about the process of a foreign start-up in China, something that would definetely be useful for others. But seriously, I don't even have time to spend with my wife Jenny, who on the other hand is expecting twins for december (how many of you didn't know this already? please don't get mad at me if I didn't mention it earlier, but that's the way I am). We still don't know whether they are boys or girls, we just know that they will be identical, so if I already have problems differentiating Chinese people, I don't know how I'm gonna do it to recognize my kids...

Apart from that, I'm in a few recruitment processes, a couple of them looking good. I want to stay here in Asia for the time being, and with twins coming, I want a secure source of income, since the language school is going to require little effort once running at full speed. And my trading operations are what pays the bills right now. It is funny how many people are in my same situation, living in Chna out of occasional trading.

On the social side, I hardly meet up with my ex-classmates from CEIBS, they are all very busy overtiming (shouldn't the MBA teach us how to not being exploited?) and also thanks to the Casa de Espana I have made my own Wild Bunch, with regular card evenings (pocha, poker -Texas hold'em- and recently mus), nights out, and of course darts: this week was the kickoff for the 2007 summer season of the Shanghai Darts League, and we put together an all-Spanish team, Los Otros, in the very last moment. The first match was last tuesday, and we beat the other team by an amazing 19-3 score (the highest score for the week). Not that the other team was any good, but it had two or three pretty good players... Last night Jose Carlos and I went to the Kangaroo, a well-known darts bar in the French concession, and right by the bar the owner asked us "are you guys from Los Otros?". We were shocked about that guess, and he said that two guys coming to play darts on a saturday night, speaking Spanish, should be part of that new Spanish team, hahaha. He also mentioned that he'd heard that the team that we beat was thinking about quitting the league, ahem...

Anyway, life's busy in Shanghai. And if it isn't, I make it busy :)

Hasta pronto!

Los Otros prior to our first match. From left to right: Lisa Weiner, Kali, Jorge Amirola, Jose Carlos Gaspar, Julio Herrero, David Caro and Jaime Jaudenes.

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We have a brilliant team! And with very strong drinking skills. I am f****g proud of Los Otros.