Thursday, June 07, 2007


We've definetely fallen into darts...

After some weeks playing with little interest at the Big Bamboo bar, one day some English blokes challenged Miguel, Jose Carlos and I, and showed us a new game: Mickey Mouse (like cricket but also including trebles and doubles).

And so we started learning about new games (we didn't know you had to finish with a double for the 301). We researched about darts on the net, found new games, started watching dart competitions on You Tube (search for Perfect darts, to see great games by Phil Taylor or Ray Barneveld), better darts, different kinds of boards, and not long after we were ordering three sets of tungsten darts from an Ebay shop in Ohio. Mine are so cool, the Vector Mach III (like Black Widows) 24 gr. with a smooth grip that allows me to hit on the red bull quite often.

We're still a long way to go, but we are practising every week, we've convinced our favourite bar, the Signal Tower on the Bund, to install professional dartboards (yesterday was the opening day), and of course we will be signing up for the next Shanghai Darts League starting late august. Probably Lisa, Fernando's girl will be joining us as well, and we still need at least 2 more people to go. But this game is so addicting, moreover when you have three freaks like us around, that we won't have much trouble in finding them. And we're making friends (but I'll start playing darts with hot tea, if I don't want to end up having a waist size like those pro players).

Check out this picture taken by Rafa Secades, with my dart flying!

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