Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hangzhou Animation and Comic Fair

And again invited by the nice people at the Hangzhou Government Office in Shanghai, we spent last weekend in Hangzhou, all expenses paid, incl. 4* hotel by the lake, all meals, transportation, police escort, VIP tickets for the parade (see pic), Zhang Yimou's Impression Westlake Show by the lake (absolutely amazing - don't miss it if you have the chance), and attendance to the Comic and Animation Fair, something completely out of this World in size, organization and resources.

This time I was given very short notice and was asked to invite just two or three more friends, and being a very complicated week (Golden Week, one of the big holidays in the year) I decided to invite two relatively new friends already staying in Hangzhou. It was a wise decision, since Rafa and Pablo are great guys, nice and funny. And they showed me three of the coolest bars in town.

And even though I came back with a hangover, I simply love Hangzhou.

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