Friday, March 30, 2007

Life after an MBA (1/2)

I received some complaints for not updating the blog since I finished the MBA... sorry sorry sorry. It is funny, the time in which I have more spare time, and I don't write on the blog.

So what's life after an MBA? Right after it was finished, I decided it was about time to return to Spain, at least for a 2 weeks visit (first time to Spain since I came to China, almost 2 years ago). I wanted to get over it before starting my job hunt, and since it was right during the Chinese New Year, tickets to fly out of China were not expensive.
My time in Madrid was good, staying at my parents' and some days at my flat in Plaza Mayor, sharing with my tenant Carles, who is a good friend and was kind enough to let me stay a bunch of nights (basically those after partying). We organized a house party, and most of my friends showed up, even those with babies. All my brother and sisters, their friends, definetely the attendance was great, and we could all enjoy the full moon eclipse from the balconies. I want to upload the flyer that I designed for the occasion, but the problems with connecting to Blogger from China are not over yet.

I also attended the annual party of the film magazine Fotogramas, at Joy, and it ended up being one of the milestones of my comeback, I met several ex-co-workers at Manga Films, Cameo, Karma, even Olivia from Sony, who followed my jump from the music to the film industry and is now working at Warner Bros. The sponsor of the party was Ron Brugal, so you can imagine how I ended up after a glamorous party at Joy, surrounded by friends and with open bar of my favourite drink... This is something you definetely don't find in Shanghai (at least not now! wait until we open our bar...)

As for the family reunion, my sister Lara, expecting a baby, also came back from Holland, and we were all together for some days, celebrating my parents' birthdays in La Sierra (Madrid mountains). I watched a lot of movies, from which I truly enjoyed The Illusionist, Dreamgirls, Happy Feet and the Chinese film My name is Fame.

Finally, I had a couple of job interviews in Madrid. One of them was perfect for me, I doubt that I will ever find an offer as suitable for my profile, background and interests. Unfortunately, when I had already been called for a second interview, and told the salary and conditions, the new person in charge decided to put all hiring on hold. So I came back to Shanghai, hoping that eventually they will restart the process. The only issue with that job is that it was located in Madrid, with frequent travel to Shanghai and to other cities around the globe... I was going to propose them to locate me in Shanghai until the project was done...

The dark side of my trip to Madrid was to experience the extreme politization of the ordinary life there, the Partido Popular is playing the dirtiest opposition that I can remember, using lies and forgetting about the past, in a very Orwell's 1984 style. They are using the terrorism as a throwing weapon against the government, trying to divide the Spanish population with the only objective of reaching the power. It is hardly believable that educated people like many of my friends are buying all the tricks and lies that the PP is telling them...

But on the other hand, it was nice to check that the level of TV broadcasts has dramatically increased with the new channels Cuatro and La Sexta. No realities, no more tomate, but intelligent programs and quizzes, I miss El Gran Wyoming here in Shanghai, thans to Youtube I can see parts of his program every now and then.

Now back in Shanghai, life is relaxed... I will write about it in the upcoming post!

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