Saturday, February 17, 2007


School is over.

It seems unreal, but after almost 2 years here we're done with the MBA. We had a grand party at the Ramada Hotel, with performances and speeches (I played the Ma Wen Cai role in an adaptation of a classical Chinese drama), we also had a business simulation that was quite exciting, and almost everyday we had dinners with classmates (international, study groups, GCP, Spanish, etc).

Now, a week later, I find some time to write a short post. I have been busy with a second drama, this time for the school's staff annual party, and in Chinese (!!). It seems that when people hears that I worked for the film industry, they automatically deduce that I am an actor... And as far as I can remember, the last time I played a part was in boarding school, playing the dog in the play "La Ratita Presumida" (was it Shakespeare's? or Lope de Vega's?)

And so to follow with my starring career, I signed up to be an extra in a commercial shooting, for Kirin Beer. That was fun, a full day's work (if you can call "work" hanging around a studio for hours not doing anything, and then some 3 hours standing up with a glass in my hand chatting in Chinese with a cute Chinese babe in the background as if we were at a party). I got 800 RMB for that, my first pay after the MBA -and I didn't have to use any reengineering, Six Sigma, or Porter's 5 Forces Model.

To end a busy week, the three musketeers of Casa de España (i.e. Miguel, Jose Carlos et moi) organized a small gathering at the classy bar Signal Tower 1907, by The Bund, and more than 80 people showed up (the bar is not very big, so that meant full house for the rainy eve of the Chinese New Year). That was yesterday, and I had to come back home early cos Jenny drank a little sangria, and she's not used to drinking, so...

What else? Well, yesterday during the firecracking that takes place like crazy on Chinese New Year, I suddenly decided to go back to Spain for a couple of weeks. So Jenny got me a ticket for next tuesday... After almost 2 years, I am going back to my roots (temporarily)!!

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