Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My latest Movies

The Magnificent 7 - Ultimate Gold Edition
Get Shorty - Collector's Edition
Serenity - a Sci-fi flick
Versus - Early work of the Japanese director of one of my fetish movies, Azumi
Art School Confidential - From the guys of Ghost World (nice cover artwork)
Click - with Adam Sandler, a light comedy for those moments after reading a complicated case
Wedding Crashers - I love these guys. I had to watch it sooner or later
Confetti - A Brit comedy with Martin Freeman (Tim, the nice guy from The Office - comedy series that I keep recommending you all, the two seasons plus -very important- the Xmas special!!)
Kinky Boots - Another Brit com with nice cover artwork
Thank You for Smoking - I find it interesting, never heard of it
Nacho Libre - Jack Black again

I just came from the shop. I pay 0.9 euros per DVD (they are all DVD9 with all the extra features, basic DVD5 are cheaper). If these movies were available officially here, I wouldn't mind paying up to 2.5 euros for each (regular price at Carrefour for latest releases). In a market with 1.3 billion ppl (that means 1,300,000,000 people in Spanish count), it is possible to sell at these prices. I bet that if Europe followed this, we would get rid of piracy, illegal downloads, and increase the purchases exponentially. In this example, I bought 11 movies that I wouldn't have bought otherwise (I never wanted them as badly as to pay 12 euros).

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