Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Julio goes to India

Wow! Finally I am back from India, after 9 days of touring the roads of Rajasthan, from Delhi to Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Two teams from CEIBS were chosen to compete in this year's Confluence Conference in the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, travel expenses covered partially by the Indian school (50%) and CEIBS (25%).

It has been a true discovery: I have never seen so much misery and filth in my life, but at the same time I love that place, so wild and full of beauty in every corner. Delhi is like a city built in the middle of the jungle, trees in every corner, with monkeys sitting on top of the buildings, holy cows unaware of the crazy traffic, lazy dogs lying by the road, hawks constantly gliding up in the sky, and squirrels climbing the walls of ancient temples.

On the road we've seen plenty of water buffalos, holy cows, dromedaries and elephants, and cheerful people always smiling at us. Women dressing elegant saaris even to work the land, explosions of colour in their costumes. After Delhi, Agra (The Taj Mahal), Jaipur (crazy, the Amber Palace, the Palace of Winds, the elephants), Pushkar (enchanting, no eggs, no meat, no alcohol, the best hotel), and finally Ahmedabad, a city that appears to be the most developed of all the previous, with the immense IIM (designed by Louis Kahn), and Gandhi's residence.

The food was absolutely delicious, spicy as hell but so good that I didn't care about the spices. We didn't have any serious truble with the stomachs, and that is remarkable, taking into account that by the third day we were already drinking anything unbottled that was presented to us. My objective was to lose some weight there, and instead I am afraid that I gained one kilo or more...

I would like to write more, maybe when I have time to upload pictures. For now, one picture taken by David, but that could very well be credited to me :) With a snake charmer at the gate of the City palace of Jaipur (I also have pictures with the cobra around my neck!)

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