Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jay Jay Johanson in Shanghai

I forgot to mention the exclusive concert that Jenny and I went to last week.
Jay Jay Johanson, the Swedish trip-crooner, one of my favourite artists that I had already seen years ago in Benicassim Music Festival (1999?) and a couple of years later in Barcelona's Apolo.
This time the venue was the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, an ultra modern concert hall right next to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (and hence pretty close to home). An exclusive hall for no more than 300 people, sitting down as in a classical concert, and we were in the third row, so it was just like having Jay Jay Johanson singing for us two. I can safely say that the athmosphere he creates is unique, maybe only comparable to that concert of jazz duo Tuck Andress and Patti Cathcart (or Tuck & Patti) in Madrid. Maybe also Beth Gibbons on her concert at Apolo, but that was too crowded, the same as Portishead's concert at Razzmatazz sometime in the late 90s. Neither Van Morrison at The Point in Dublin, nor Skunk Anansie in Oslo, Pulp came close in Revolver in Madrid... but nothing close to Jay Jay Johanson.
A mention of honor to guest Rebecka Tornqvist, who warmed us up for an hour.
A concert to remember.

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