Thursday, September 21, 2006

The fourth term

Wow, it's been long hasn't it?

I'm at a Google presentation right now. They are giving out goodies to people who responds to their questions... Much like a fairground attraction, these events should be more serious in a b-school (yeah, you probably noticed by now that I didn't get any gift so far!)

I haven't written almost anything since our return from Xinjiang, and the fact is that I have been pretty busy. Let me brief you a little about how these last weeks have been like:

new term, new classmates, most of my friends are now abroad on exchange, but many cool ppeople came for exchange to CEIBS. Clay from the US, Alberto, Miguel and Carlos from Spain, Paco from Mexico, Cristian from Chile... These guys are cool!
At the same time, the new MBA started,s o that means that we are now senior, and the school is filled now with fresh students who took over all the resources. Lots of Spanish speakers make Spanish language a strong one in school now, we are more than 20 (and you all know that Spanish speakers tend to speak a lot!)

I was crazy enough to enroll into this year's Confluence business competition taking place in Ahmedabad, India, in late November. The rest of the team is formed by MBA06 guys: Jurn (Holland), Raghu (India), Rafael (Mexico) and Jared (China). We will be busy working on business plans and we will also travel to India for the final round, hopefully we will have the chance to travel around a bit.

We've also had loads of company presentations, all looking for Chinese locals, so I will have to look for a good position by myself. And this is not only because companies just want Chinese locals, but also because the MBA entry programs from MNCs are quite disappointing for me. Yesterday I went, almost by chance, to the presentation of MMC (Marsh & McLennan Co.. the group that includes Mercer Consulting), and the presentation was simply thrilling. Specifically, Lippincott Mercer is the type of company that I was actually thinking of starting here (in a smaller scale of course). After the meeting, I talked to the people from the company, and they strongly encouraged me to apply, what would suppose a big step for me, to apply for a consulting position!!

On the other hand, Jenny has been quite busy with her job. All Spanish companies are coming to Shanghai now, and she has to decline many of the offers. She even got full time job proposals!! But she is so happy being a freelance now, and I'd say she is doing great!

(by the way, I finally got a goodie from the Google people: a crappy brush and mirror for travel).

I'll follow on later...

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