Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Xinyang market - The new Fake market

Great news!! Today we confirmed the rumours: The shops from the late Xiangyang market (aka Fake Market) have moved to the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Subway Station. What means that now it is at almost walking distance from home!
The new installations are all underground, thus not affected by rain or extreme heat, and plus all the locals have aircon. It is very nice to hang around there now, since still not many people know about it, and you can visit the shops without other shoppers harassing. I even found our favourite shop assistant girl! She changed her hair style, what makes her prettier, and she no longer sells Custo t-shirts, but North Face jackets. You can find anything from the already mentioned clothes, Calvin Klein boxers, jeans, puma sneakers, Nike sports wear, Samsonite bags, haute-couture bags, watches...
What is funny is the behaviour of the Shanghai authorities. They announced and even broadcast live the shut-down of the old Xiangyang market, because of the counterfeit goods sales, and not one month later they are already opening here, in a much better installations, closer to the expats area... Yeah, also further from the city centre, thus not attracting so much attention... But since we are still just "customers" we can only congratulate us for the new market :>)

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