Saturday, July 01, 2006

Spain in the World Cup

Spain in the World Cup. The same old story. How come we are always fooled, once and again, with one good match against a first time comer to this competition? Maybe it is because the World Cup takes place every four years, enough time to let us forget about the previous failure, with only a bunch of statistics to follow.
Here in China the match of Spain vs. Ukraine (4-0) put Spain on the first line of favourites, suddenly, everyone was talking about the young Spanish players everywhere, from the radio to the CCTV channels. It really made some of us feel proud. Jenny's cousin in Wenzhou was also so proud of having a relative from Spain, that country which team was so attractive and powerful.
But again, it seems that the players are more worried about the amount of gel they put on their hair before the matches, than about winning. My cousin-in-law was so dissapointed after we were defeated by France in that boring match, that for the first time ever I feel somehow responsible for this. Something has to be done. These players can't have those salaries with no performance for their national team.
Now, after my favourite teams have been kicked out (Korea, Ghana, Australia) I can only support Portugal and Brazil. Go go go!

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