Saturday, July 01, 2006

New entry for the blog!!

I don't remember when was the last entry to this blog... I have been and still am busy with the usual stuff of the MBA, but at the same time we moved houses, with the hectic times that come around this. Now we enjoy a high-end 150 m2 apartment, with a huge living room and dining room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two balconies, in a 10th floor of a compound with amenities such as tennis courts and gym.
This place is sustantially farther from school than the other, but on the other hand it is closer to the center, to Thumb Square, to the metro, and overall it is far more convenient, with a bus at the door taking us to People's Square, a food market by the corner, walking distance from KFC and other restaurants, etc. In order to be able to go to school without depending on taxi availability, I bought a second hand electric scooter, a fancy vehicle that is very popular here where the whole city is flat. Its top speed is around 30kmh (despite marking 45, but I don't buy it), enough to get to school in some 20 min. I need to recharge it daily, but soon they will install sockets in the parking at home, and this won't pose any trouble.
As for school, we are well over the third term lectures, and are now deep into the GCP. What I expected would be a funny and enjoyable experience is turning out as a nightmare, I don't talk to my team mates at all, only during meetings. We used to be good friends but somehow now it has developed into a tight working relationship that I don't reach to understand. I've tried to work things out with them, but it didn't work, so I will have to face a grey month ahead and then forget about it all and enjoy my holidays with Jenny.
We are planning a cool trip this august, probably to Xinjiang in the Northwest of China, where the population is Muslim, of the Uyghur ethnic group, however the heat can be an issue (around the Gobi desert, in the Silk Road).
I'll keep you posted!

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