Saturday, July 22, 2006

35th birthday...

Not that it matters much to me, but when my birthday falls on a weekend it seems that none of my friends in Spain remember. Probably when they get back to work on monday their Outlook will warn them, and I will get birthday messages two days later :P
We held a pyjamas party at home last friday, that was interesting. All the Spanish came in pyjamas, plus the American Anders, a Chinese friend of Jenny (the only Chinese that dared to show up in pyjamas apart from Jenny), a German newcomer, and the Belgians Fx and Flo. The other just came sexy :) I got some nice presents, loads of beer left, and no hangover. As we grow older it seems that we learn how to drink properly...
All the new Spanish are already here, so we make now a big Spanish community in Pudong, more than ten (counting Marcelo's wife Marina and Jenny in, and counting out Jaione who's not here). Alvaro, David, Guillem & Cristina, and Marcelo & Marina. This year La Caixa must be happy, they are all Catalan :)
The bad news of the week was that my scooter got stolen right in the parking of the compound. I raised a complaint at the managers of the place, urging them to increase security, but the inmediate result is that yesterday I bough a new scooter (2700 RMB), and I am bringing it to the corridor of our 10th floor daily, on the elevator. The new scooter is fast as hell (well, taking into account that it is an electric scooter, it runs at almost 45 km/h). Today we went to the moto shop to get the license plate, and while I was playing with a kitten there he accidentally scratched my arm, so we had to go to the hospital to get a preventive shot.
Next week we will travel to Huangshan with my GCP team: Hector, Elphie, Tina and her husband, and Jenny and I. We will leave on friday night and return on sunday morning. Lately the relations with the other members have improved a bit, so I hope this trip will be a positive thing for us all.
And I realize that this blog has ended up being a diary, but hey! If you want information on Shanghai, CEIBS or whatever, you can always google!


Sandra from Holland said...

Hola Julio,

I remembered your birthday! Only I sent your e-card to the wrong address (the mangafilm one) and just now I received a notification of it being wrong... So I hope you enjoyed your birthday!


P.S. Cool picture with the Spanish Royals. I had some trouble finding you in the picture thinking you must be the tallest guy; this Felipe must be tall like a tree!

Anonymous said...

¡¡¡Un saludo desde Videoactualidad!!!
(Aquella revista a la que enviabas el material PLV de los grandes exitos de Manga Films)

Y Feliz Cumpleaños, un poco retrasado.