Friday, June 02, 2006

Spring and the Media

We're in the middle of a lecture by a very reputed Chinese economist, prof. Wu Jinglian. He is an old man (76 years old I think) that actively participated in the economic reform of China. However, his lectures are dull. He speaks and speaks, in Chinese (we laowais have simultaneous translation), with no interaction with students at all.

This term is being quite weird anyway It may be the spring, that has changed us all, but the general feeling is of loneliness. Soon half of the classmates will leave for their exchanges, and also so many different choices for lectures made that we run from lecture to lecture, and when I have spare time, there is no one to spend it with...

The media exposure has been heavy as well. Two sundays ago, a pictures of the 5 Spanish students illustraded an article of El Pais about studying abroad. Earlier this week, the guys of Onda Cero's No Son Horas (Spanish radio) read my message from Shanghai. And on monday night (afternoon in Spanish time) I was interviewed live on Radio Nacional de España - Radio 3, the program 7 Vicios about films. The topic: how the movie scene is like in China. David sent an email to the whole MBA, and I was surprised to find out that quite a lot of the classmates actually listened to the interview via internet, even though they didn't understand anything, and it was the eve of the exams.

Also I should mention that two days ago I lost my cell phone, and now I am trying to recover the number (if I succeed it will be weird, but I'll try anyway). And this weekend we will hopefully move houses. Keep tuned for more to come!!

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