Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back to school again!

Wow, it's only been one week of holidays (May 1st Labor holidays) but it seems like a whole month!
Maybe it is because right after the exams, and having my parents here visiting, we've done many more things that we would have otherwise done. The exams week was not as stressing as I anticipated it, but anyway I don't get stressed in exams. I studied just enough to pass, and in some exams I was lucky enough to be inspired. I can anticipate good results this term, maybe even better than last term, and I studied much less than then! But actually it was the "numbers" courses (management accounting and Business Finance) the exams I am more satisfied with so far, while the "arts" ones (Strategy and Ethics) were not as good as I expected. Operations management was a funny exam; not being clear about what to study, I decided not to study at all, while everyone was crazy reviewing everything; but in the end my exam was quite satisfactory (i.e. for B+) while most classmates were pissed off with the paper.
Whatever. Enough of boring exams things that for most of you won't mean a thing.
I also started an ambitious project: filming a movie about the MBA life. Encouraged by the other committee members of the Movie Club, I released a fancy note to everyone asking for everything from ideas, scripts, cameramen with cameras, sponsors, editors... to film a movie about life at CEIBS. I had previously checked at imdb.com and there didn't seem be any movie previously released about MBA life (?!!). So we'll do it the "Blair Witch Project" way: handycam, laptop, and naughty scenes. Our scarcest resource is time, and I don't see it realistic to come up with a long script in the short term, so we will shoot short films about our anecdotes here. They will be funny, some suspense, also love... The Jim Jarmush way (i.e. Night on Earth, Coffee and Cigarettes). If you come up with an idea, please let me know: hjulio.m052@ceibs.edu
I also started playing badminton. Funny sport. Very Chinese, but it is actually making me sweat, something that I don't normally do when playing tennis (the level of my classmates is just okay for some warming up in the courts- only when my Malay neighbour comes back, she really makes me sweat playing tennis). I enjoy badminton, moreover when playing with cute female mates :P
In a month and a half we will move out of our apartment, so we have to start looking for a new place soon. Ideally around Century Park, near the metro, and then I will buy an electric scooter to come to school. Yeah!!

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