Monday, April 03, 2006

GCP and rabbits

Well, at last I can breath for some minutes (before starting again). I won't say that the MBA is so stressful, but life here indeed takes most of my spare time, and I can hardly find time to update the blog.
We've had exams (I got an 85.5 in Business Finance and a 80 in Operations Management!! Above average!!), plenty of written assignments to deliver, and stuff like internship applications (I finally decided to apply to a couple of marketing positions at Adidas and Johnson & Johnson, the only offers that could motivate me enough), movies to show, new committee elections, visits... And Jenny and her rabbits: she bought two dwarf rabbits,very cute, for 25RMB all. I had warned her that I didn't want any more rabbit after those two that we had back in Barcelona, but she surprised me one friday with these two. Since I love animals, I couldn't say anything, and started to look for a proper cage to keep them. Unfortunately, two days later the white one died of some weird diarrhea. Jenny bought another one, and two days ago we woke up to find them both dead. So the rabbit problem is over, and I donated the brand new cage that we'd just purchased to the charity bazaar that we will hold at school this sunday.
And yesterday, via the Public Speaking Club, I gave my first speech... in Chinese!!!! It was about 10 minutes, and since I wasn't allowed to talk about politics or sex, and I am all the time talking about movies, I decided to explain a joke, the one of "Jaimito" in class, wanting to draw something in the blackboard but the teacher won't let him. It was surprisingly successful, and even Jenny came to see me.
We had new elections for the committee, and a Chinese classmate was elected, however not the one that I had publictly supported, August. Still, this time there are more Chinese peers in the board, I guess people realized this was the way it had to be.
What else? We've given 10 days to form the teams to do the GCP (group consulting project) in the last term -I only know that I will work with Elphie, we will decide with who else and which project-. We are on the other hand having contacts with some companies in Spain to help them with their businesses here in China, what takes away the little spare time we had. And it seems that a new bar, an Irish one, is opening next corner one of these days... We'll have to check it out!

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