Thursday, April 20, 2006

Everybody should have an elephant

We are deep into the study week previous to the exam week. Classes are over, and I am going to miss one professor in particular: Jeffrey Ramsbottom. One of a kind, an old British lad from Manchester city, with a sharp sense of humour, whose Strategy lectures have been a true lesson to everyone. I rescue one of his advices approaching the end of this term: "everybody should have an elephant" referring to Versatec's president Renn Zaphiropoulos and his extravagant manners to keep enthusiasm high around his people.
We had extraordinary professors this term, together with prof. Jeffrey, I enjoyed prof. Linda Sprague's Operations class, and Jerry Frixell and Henry Claude de Battignies classes on Business Ethics. This latter had true performances in class, hillarious sometimes. Prof. Zhao Xinge's Accounting, despite having been critizised by some, was also nice, if you had prepared his classes in advance. Prof. Chun Chang is supposed to be a famous Finance professor, and was admired by most, but his classes were dull to me. Thomas E. Callarman kept prof. Linda's good job on the second half, he also did a good job...
And now back to study again. My parents arive in Shanghai tomorrow and I guess that I will have little time left to study...
One of these days I will put some pictures.

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Sandra said...

Hi Julio,

got luck with the exams.

Sandra from Holland