Saturday, April 08, 2006

Don Quixote in Shanghai

Did I comment on the outing that I organized to the theatre musical "Don Quixote - The Man of La Mancha"?
The Shanghai Drama Academy pleyed it for a week only, and we got the information through the Spanish Consulate's newsletter. Since some fo the Spanish were interested in going, they asked me to organize it as a Movie Club activity. So I sent an email to the MBA, and around 30 people joined in! It was easier said than done, because this time I didn't fix a date for all to go together, so I had to arrange the purchase of tickets for different dates for all. Thanks to Lü Ning (one of my club's committee members and at the same time a fascinating girl) we booked the tickets and arranged it for all interested peers to go.

The play turned out to be a great performance, and we were praised for the organization. It was indeed an interesting evening, with Chinese actors playing Quijote, Sancho, Dulcinea ("wo de mingzi shi Aldonza!") and even Cervantes. It even had subtitles in electronic boards!

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