Saturday, January 21, 2006

The thank you e-mail for the King Kong attendance

KING KONG vs. KILL BILL (a thank you vs. a reminder)

On behalf of The Movie Club, I would like to thank you all who came today to the movie King Kong. Over 45 people, that's far more than our humble initial expectations!! Your comments and support during all these days, and specially today after the movie, are the best reward we could get for all the effort and enthusiasm in organizing this event. The only negative comment we had so far was about the ending of the film (we are working on that, already told Peter Jackson to do some more shooting for a special happy end for CEIBS -where actually Kong marries the beauty, and they have many little weird hairy kids -don't ask me how they managed).

I also want to thank the people who made this possible: Joshua Lee, Jerry Guan, Donna Zeng, and specially Ning Lv and Elphie Yang, who were the alma mater of this project from scratch: they had the idea, they put it into practice, they negotiated, and they organized everything.

We keep working on bringing excitement to school, and I wouldn't want to miss this chance to remind you of this friday's movie show:

Date: FRIDAY 20 JAN.
Time: 19h.
Place: AC3 ROOM 1.05
USA, 2003
Runtime: 111+136 min
Language: English with English subtitles

If you haven't watched Kill Bill yet, you ain't seen nothing yet. Believe me, at least you will want to see the first part, and then it's up to you: action, vengeance, fun, blood (over 450 gallons were used for both parts), music, martial arts, manga and anything you can imagine, put together in this masterpiece that is already part of the Film Hall of Fame.

This is the personal homage of Tarantino to all the movies that marked him, and in almost every detail of the movie there are hints to them: The Shaw Brothers, Bruce Lee (The Green Hornet, The Last Combat), the wuxia films (Chinese movies of swordsmen and martial arts, characterized for fighters flying over bamboo forests), Battle Royale, Evil Dead...

If you are a movie fan, or simply curious, I recommend you to check the trivia of this movie at

PS. The Movie Club tries not to print posters to make its activities more environmentally friendly. We care about our World!!

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