Friday, January 27, 2006

Spring Festival is coming

We are on holidays again!

Last week was anything but quiet... Starting on last weekend, we had the visit of members of the Spanish House of Representatives (congressmen, senators...) from all the political parties of the country. I had a nice chat with Joan Tardá from ERC, and some other people from PSC, PSOE, PP, whose names I don't remember (I have their business cards but I am now too lazy to look for them). Pedro Nueno, executive president of the school and a very respectable person in Spain, was the host, and the Spanish bunch (i.e. the five Spanish students) were invited to the visit. In the afternoon, the basketball team, in which I am, played against other team, and as usual we were humilliated :)

On sunday we had too cook for all our classmates, the idea was to organize an international dinner and offer it to our local classmates as a Spring festival dinner. Apart from the Spaniards, we had food from India (Siddhartha), Germany (Thorsten and Johenn), Italy (Antonio and Gianluca), Korea (Elise, Tom, Sam and Joshua) and Egypt (Jenny Jing). We cooked some tapas, like stuffed eggs, banderillas, and montados, or at least that is what we intended.
After dinner I showed the Brit comedy Shaun of The Dead, for those still willing to watch a funny flick with zombies.

And so we come to the last week before the Spring Festival's break. We had a lot of lectures, professors ask me a bit too often in class even though this term my seat is more discrete than before... I wanted to be unnoticed! I have been quite pissed off because Elphie, one of my friends and VP of the Movie Club, as well as language exchange and snooker partner, changed her place from the other side of the classroom, to right behind me. And now I feel uncomfortable, I can't draw or write in Chinese coz she can see it, and that's not fair (I feel like when I was 15 in high school :P).

Yesterday thursday we had the midterm exam for Corporate Governance and Business ethics, a great subject that I didn't expect to find in an MBA. I didn't study much coz I find Ethics to be common sense, but the exams happened to be a lot about memorizing stuff from the lectures, so I am not very happy with it, but on the other side I know I am an environmentally aware person :)

After the exam some of us went to the karaoke, to celebrate the Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dog. I am a bit sad to see all the people going back to their hometowns, this is empty again... We had a great time in the karaoke, I sang "I saw her standing there" three times, plus many other songs from the Platters, Grease... my standard repertoire. When I get the pictures from the event, I will post them.

Today Jenny's mum came home to spend the holidays with us, and right now they are both eating in the living room. And I am going to watch some chapters of M*A*S*H

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