Sunday, January 08, 2006

Last day of Xmas holidays

It was about time... Yeah, even though I have been on holidays for three long weeks, I haven't written often. I've just been lazy, that's all. The last ten days we were in Shanghai, doing some shopping, getting to know new places in town, and watching M*A*S*H... So far I am finishing season 4 (24 30' chapters per season, makes 48 hours of Hawkeye, Radar, Hot Lips and co!).
On New Years Eve we met Eduardo and Jaione, two of our Spanish classmates, for a Spanish home dinner at Jaione's temporary place (it is Pier Luiggi's appartment but he lent it to her for the holidays). After it, we watched the end of the year on TV, with Chinese shows and no bell rings, but nevertheless we ate the customary grapes (Spanish tradition). And after watching a movie and planning to go back home, I convinced them to join other classmates (Sean the Irish, Sid the Hindi, Ben the American and Gianluca the Italian) for a last drink at Manhattan at Tong Ren lu. That made the last night of 2005, nothing too special but still the busiest NEw Years Eve I've had in years...
The news is that Jenny started working at Copca (Catalunya's Commercial Promotion Office) and I've never seen her so happy. She loves the place, the people she works with, her boss (Santi Santamaría), and she enjoys learning new things to work with Excel or Word every day.
We also found a great place for photography stuff, at Chang Yang Rd crossing Dalian Rd, it is a three storey mall with everything for the photographer. We planned to get our Kodak camera fixed there, but they charged us 600RMB and instead we decided to buy a new camera, a Pentax Optio S6 (6Mpixels, 3x Optical Zoom, Film & voice, a big screen and very very small, for 1980RMB. Maybe from now on I start taking pictures...
And finally, Jenny took me to the market she had always told me about: Qi Pu clothes market. While most laowais go to Xiang Yang, and get harassed by hordes of sellers, this market is maybe 20 times bigger, they sell the same clothes and nobody comes to you trying to sell DVDs or fake Rolex. Sure, if you want to buy stuff other than clothes, then keep going to Xiang Yang... I got an Armani coat and an elegant Chinese style jacket, for an amazing price...
Yesterday we were invited to my classmate Lv Ning and her husband David to their place, wih some other classmates, and we had a very nice afternoon with them. Chinese people are so nice once you get to know them... Unfortunately we had to leave them soon, since the last days both Jenny and I catched a cold and we are still recovering. Today David and Juanki came back from Spain, and David brought me some stuff from my house (not what I had asked for, but he's going back at the end of the month and I will tell him to take this back and bring me the real thing :).
Tomorrow we go back to school, to a new class distribution. We lost some good classmates (I will certainly miss people like Fong, Charlene, Donna, Anders, Jimme, August, Jerry...) but we got some new classmates (Jaione and Juanki are now with David and me, leaving only Eduardo apart), Kathy, Sam... We have three weeks of lectures and then another two weeks of holidays for the Chinese New Year. This is life!!

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