Saturday, January 28, 2006

I know, I know that we didn't send anything for Xmas... But it is because here they celebrate the Lunar Year!!

I hope you enjoy this exclusive picture of Jenny and me, in typical pyjamas (that are thick as eiderdown and locals wear them to go shopping -for the record, we don't!). This is the Year of the Dog, curiously Jenny's year, so she has to wear something red all the time, and that's why she had these red glasses made.

Next year will be the year of the Pig, and it had to be my year (anything funny? they say it is a very good zodiac!! -although it would have been cooler to be dragon or tiger...)

Have a great year, with health, money and lots of love!!

Best Wishes,

Julio & Jenny


Anonymous said...

Hello Julio and Jenny,

a very happy New Year to you! What a shame I hadn't seen your weblog earlier!! Great to read about your adventures in China!

Have fun,
Sandra from Holland

Anonymous said...

Hola Julio,buscando Shanghai en Google me sale tu blog,que sorpresa!cuando lo leas ya estaremos mas cerca de visitaros,un beso.Papaone