Saturday, January 14, 2006

First week of school after Xmas holidays

We started the week with bad news: the president of the CEIBS, Zhang Guohua, passed away in hospital after unsuccesfully figthing against cancer. I never met him, so I won't go to the funeral, though some classmates decided to go -I guess more for tourism than for anything else.
Apart from this, the new term starts full steam ahead: I remain in the same section 2, with some of my favourite classmates (Elphie, Ning, David) and favourite newcomers (Kathy, Juan Carlos, Jaione, Matt, Sam). I am in the same group with Kathy Zhu, Kerry Wang, Fox Mei, Jie He and a visiting professor, Li Renliang.
In this new term I think I am going to enjoy Corporate Governance and Business Ethics (by prof. Gerry Frixell and others) and Strategic management (by Jeff Ramsbottom). And now with the typical first day of class:
7:20    Get up, take shower, have breakfast, check emails from Europe, cycle 5 min to school
8:40    Start class (3 hrs, with 10 min break)
11:50    Lunch at the canteen with one study group and start discussion of the assignments (two, for Business Ethics)
12:30    Keep discussion for two more hours in a discussion room (Kathy, Jie, Fox, Wang, prof. Li and I). I am assigned to write the report and send it to the rest because of my English.
14:30    Little break to check and reply emails.
15:00    Language exchange with Elphie. Chinese-Spanish. We decide to go to the gym to play snooker while practising our language and relax.
17:00    Meeting with my L'Oreal team (Lin He and Malida Chinsupakul) to discuss strategy and decisions for next round of L'Oreal b-competition. I have to leave the meeting after two hours for another appointment.
19:00    Movie Show: since I am the president of the Movie Club, I have to attend. We show "The Island" and it is a success, with more than 25 people showing up.
22:00    Arrive home, cook late dinner (didn't have time to have dinner at school), connect computer, check emails, read the newspaper and talk to my wife!!!
PS. I have chosen friday to illustrate, but even thought we obviously don't show movies everyday, from monday to wednesday we have Chinese class during that time (from 18:30 to 20:00) and some days we have 3 hrs class both morning and afternoon. At the same time, some days we just have 1.5 hrs of class, and those are the days that we meet with our study group more often.
So where is the time for studying, reading the cases, writing the papers and more importantly, studying Chinese?

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