Sunday, January 08, 2006


I have to thank many friends in Spain and beyond who have helped me get on with the school and the Movie Club:
Grant Bushby and BBC UK, for keeping in touch and sending me that Fawlty Towers box that, though not having arrived, was a very nice detail.
Juan Carlos Tous and Cameo Media, for donating A LOT of titles from their movie catalogue to the school (they will come with David's next trip- incl. another box of Fawlty Towers!)
Carles Montiel and On Pictures, for the logistics and also donating two of their recent DVDs, I'm dying to watch them but Jaione took them today!!
Luan and Monografico, for having the detail of sending me the fanzine.
and last but by no means least, Maciej, Sonia and El Jueves for keeping me away from studying with their weekly subscription to El Jueves all the way to Shanghai!!
With friends like you, being so far away feels like being home!!

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