Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Hell of a Week: Two weeks for the finals

There are less than two weeks left for the finals (5 exams on 5 consecutive days) and I was planning to start studying this week, but this is how things turn out:
Monday: Federico, a Spanish guy from valencia showed up in school because he is planning to apply for the MBA next year. So we showed him around and ended up at Latina, until closing time.
Tuesday: Jenny and I went for dinner to a local restaurant some 10 minutes from home. On the way back home, we stopped by the Lion Bar to get our umbrella (that we had forgotten there weeks ago). Found Anders (American) and Oliver (HK-German) having some beers, so I joined them...
Wednesday: Grand Opening of a Spanish restaurant, La Verbena, right by the Huangpu Riverside at Lu Jia Zui. Invited by the Spanish Consulate, we went with a bunch of classmates (August and his wife Lucy, from China; Angelo Italian, Vincent French, Sean Irish, Lauren US - and all the Spaniards). Free drinks including sangria and delicious food (also free), with a live Cuban band. Ended up at Lion Bar having some beers and playing billiards.
Thursday (today): Team building lunch with one of my study groups (Fong, Jean, Charlene, Simon, Henry and Jerry, all Chinese). Later on we had dinner at the cafeteria, invited by the Exchange students. And afterwards, a full basketball match against them, that I had to play during all the time due to shortage of players. I am knackered...
Friday: I have team building dinner with the Movie Club team (Jerry, Elphie -both Chinese, and Joshua, Korean).
From then on, I hope that I will find time to study for the exams of Organizational Behaviour, Business Statistics, Management Economics, Financial Accounting and Marketing management...

And I chose the electives I want to take for the thrid term (we are now finishing term 1): Marketing Research, Human Resources management and Management Consulting.

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